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Deku Scrub Slingshot Game
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The Deku Scrub Slingshot Game is a Mini-Game featured in Ocarina of Time.[name reference needed]

Location and Rules

The Mini-Game can be found deep within the Lost Woods. Link must fire a Deku Seed at a round, wooden target using the Fairy Slingshot to achieve points. The bullseye is worth 100 points, if it is hit three times in a row, a Deku Scrub will jump up and compliment Link on his accurate firing and reward him with a Bullet Bag upgrade.[1]


  • The Deku Scrub at this Mini-Game is the only one who will not attack Link on sight in Ocarina of Time.


  1. "Cool! You're great! You scored three perfect bull's-eyes! I have to give a neat present to such a wonderful person! Please take it!" — Deku Scrub (Ocarina of Time)