Deku Likes are huge but semi rare enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They appear to be a combination of a Deku Baba and a Like Like. Deku Likes do not actively attack Link, but if he jumps above one, it will suck him inside its body and spit him back out, causing him to lose some of his hearts.

The only way to defeat a Deku Like is to drop a Bomb, Water Bomb, or Bombling into it from above, causing it to explode. Deku Likes serve as physical obstacles more than they do enemies, often involving puzzles that require finding a way to drop bombs into them, allowing Link to proceed. Deku Likes appear before Bombs are obtainable, so Bomblings must be used as substitutes. Some Deku Likes appear with Big Babas attached to them, making them much more effective as enemies.

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