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Deku Kingdom
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The Deku Kingdom is the monarchy presiding over the Southern Swamp and Woodfall regions of Termina in Majora's Mask.[1] Its Royal Family consists of a wrathful Deku King and his fiery daughter, who reside in the Deku Palace.


The inhabitants of this kingdom are prideful, turning outsiders away from their palace and rarely allowing commoners inside.[1][2][3] The palace is constantly under surveillance by palace guards, and the kingdom has at its disposal at least a small military presence.[4][5] The kingdom also boasts schools, religious institutions, and tourist attractions. Musical education, specifically on the Deku Pipes, is also an important part of Deku culture, specifically for the Royal Family members, who use the pipes to enter their worshiping grounds.[6][7]

When Link arrives in Termina, the swamp is suffering from a poisoned water source. This is naturally causing great distress to the Deku King and his people, as it could potentially lead to the collapse of the kingdom.[8] Once Link defeats the evil in the Woodfall Temple, however, the swamp reverts to its natural state.


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