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This article is about the Level in Tri Force Heroes. For the location, see Deku Forest.

Deku Forest is the first Level in Tri Force Heroes,[name reference needed] and the first Level of the Woodlands area. It is followed by Buzz Blob Cave.

Themes and Navigation

Deku Forest is a large, open woodland with rivers and waterfalls. As the first Level, it features very basic puzzles which require either Totem formations or the Bow to solve. Since all three Links must use this item, the Kokiri Clothes would prove useful.

Stage 1 starts the Links off in the clearing of a forest, on a dirt ledge. Ahead of them are three Bows, surrounded by bushes. There are also Pots and grass that can be cut. To the east is a ledge with several Rocks, three green Rupees, and one blue Rupee, which can only be reached by tossing a Link up by forming a Totem. A small stream separates the next portion of the Stage, and a small bridge crosses over to it. On each side of the bridge are elevated statues with a blue Rupee on them each, and in the river’s west end are three green Rupees. The next portion of the stage holds the Triforce Gateway, but it is blocked by a wooden gate. In order to open this gate, the three Links must simultaneously stand on Switches elevated at three different levels by forming a Totem. The right log requires the Links to form a Totem of three and throw the top Link onto it, whereas the left log only requires a Totem of two to reach. Around the gate are rocks and pots, and behind it are some bushes.

Stage 2 places the Links in an area with several ledges and eight Blobs scattered across them. Each Blob must be defeated before the Triforce Gateway appears. The ledge on the east side holds three green Rupees and can be climbed using a ramp, but the Links need to be thrown onto the other ledges. The top ledge holds two Hearts and two Chests, one containing three more Hearts, and one containing a blue Rupee. Pots, rocks, and bushes litter the area.

Stage 3 tasks the Links with navigating a series of cliffs high above a body of water. They begin on one with a Switch, and striking it activates a nearby platform to move toward them, allowing them to get on and use it to reach the next cliff. This cliff has a second, elevated level, which two Links must be thrown onto and Totem in order to strike a Switch across a gap with their Bow. This Switch activates another platform which takes them to the third cliff. A chest with a blue Rupee and a chest with a red Rupee can be found here, the latter only reached through tossing a Link up to it. A Blob lies near each chest. A smaller platform automatically moves between this cliff and the fourth, and a Switch rests between them in an alcove above. This switch can only be activated by firing an Arrow at it by a Link atop a full Totem. Once struck, a bridge between the fourth and final cliffs appears, and the Triforce Gateway activates. A Squiddy rests on the fourth platform, while two Hearts rest on an elevated portion of the final one. Pots, rocks, bushes, and grass litter the whole Stage.

Stage 4 is the final stage. The Links begin on an elevated ledge, with four Totem Dekus below. These enemies must be attacked with Bows, as they retreat underground when approached. One Totem Deku rests at ground level, while two require a two-Link Totem to reach, and the last requires a full Totem. Once they are all defeated, a closed gate opens, revealed the area in which the Triforce Gateway then appears. Twelve green Rupees, grass, and pots can be found around the Stage.

Drablands Challenges

Deku Forest includes the following Drablands Challenges: "Fewer Heart Containers!", "Clear within the time limit!", and "Guard the Orb!".

During a Drablands Challenge, more enemies and newer enemies appear in the Level. The first Stage features more Blobs, with two notably appearing on top of the two logs where the Switches are, making it harder to throw the Links onto them as the enemies can push them off. A strategy to defeat these Blobs is to form a Totem of three and shoot down the Blob on the shortest log first, then throw two Links onto that log to shoot the Blob off the tallest log. Stage 2 features electrified Buzz Blobs as well as a Totem Deku. Stage 3 has Moblins and a hidden Life Like, while Stage 4 includes Tektites in addition to the usual Totem Dekus.

In "Fewer Heart Containers!", the Links' health is reduced to half, to a minimum of four Hearts.

In "Clear within the time limit!", the Links are initially given 30 seconds to complete the Level. Hourglasses can be picked up to increase the remaining time. If the Links run out of time, then the entire Level is failed.

In "Guard the orb!", the Links must transport a luminescent Orb that repels a shade of red light. This Orb will protect the Links from the shade, which will harm the Links should they step outside the Orb's radius. One Link must carry the Orb to red cups at the end of each Stage to open the Triforce Gateway.


At the end of the Level, three chests can be opened. Two contain the same Material, and one contains another.

No challenge

"Fewer Heart Containers!"

"Clear within the time limit!"

"Guard the orb!"



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseデクの森 (Deku no Mori)[1]Deku Forest
CanadaFrenchCAForêt mojo[2] 
FranceFrenchEUForêt mojo[3] 
ItalyItalianBosco Deku[5] 
SpainSpanishEUBosque Deku[6] 
Latin AmericaSpanishLABosque deku[7] 
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