Deguchitato (デグチタート Degu Chitāto?, Big Chitart), also known as the Plant Nightmare, is the boss of the Sea of Trees, the first stage of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords.


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Deguchitato will send out two to four heads at the start of the battle, depending on the number of players. Each Link must dodge them until they bloom into a certain color, which will correspond to one of the Links. The corresponding Link will then be able to damage it.

As the fight progresses, handles appear on the side of the central plant. Each Link must completely pull one out in order for the heads to bloom. The boss will notice this and become more aggressive to Link.

If a head blooms and shows two colors, both corresponding Links must attack the head simultaneously in order to damage it. After each head has been damaged enough, it is destroyed. After every head is destroyed, Deguchitato is defeated and the portal to the Great Fairy of Forest opens.

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Deguchitato Silver Key (Four Swords)

Deguchitato Silver Key (Four Swords)

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