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Deer Hunting is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Rules[]

Deer Hunting is operated by Dantz from Hateno Pasture, which is located in Hateno Village. When Link first approaches Dantz, he realizes that he is a traveler.[2] Since he looks capable of using a Bow, Dantz asks Link if he would be willing to help him.[3] He explains that Retsam Forest has become overpopulated by Deer, which is destructive to the environment.[4] Therefore, he gives Link a one minute time limit to hunt as many of the Deer in the Forest as he can.[5]

If Link accepts this task, Dantz asks if he can head out right away.[6] Link can ask Dantz for hunting tips before starting the Mini-Game. Dantz suggests using a strong Bow that will take down a Deer in one shot..[7] He also says that Link should use Stealth to sneak up on the Deer before attacking.[8]

When Link decides to start the Mini-Game, Dantz will remind him that he is counting on him.[9] Link will then be transferred to Retsam Forest, where Dantz explains that he will call him once his minute is up.[1] During this time, Link will have to hunt as many Mountain Bucks as he can. Should Link stray too far from the Retsam Forest, Dantz will end the Mini-Game and call him back.[10] Once the minute is up, Dantz will yell for Link to return.[11]

Back at Hateno Pasture, Dantz will review how many Deer that Link hunted. If Link failed to get a single Deer, Dantz will refuse to give him a reward.[12] However, if Link hunted one to three Deer, Dantz offers his thanks and rewards him with a Green Rupee.[13] Next, if Link killed four to six Deer, Dantz calls him vicious with his Bow and gifts him a Blue Rupee.[14] When Link hunts between seven to nine Deer, Dantz is impressed by his initiative and gives him a Red Rupee.[15] Finally, if Link conquers all 10 Deer in Retsam Forest, Dantz tells him that it is possible to be too good at hunting and rewards Link with a Purple Rupee.[16]

After giving Link his reward, Dantz reiterates that they need to get the Deer population under control.[17] Therefore, he asks Link if he would be willing to head into the Retsam Forest again.[18] If Link refuses, Dantz is disappointed and tells him to return if he changes his mind.[19]


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