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|name = Deep Python
|image = [[File:Deep Python.png|170px]]
|game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask|Majora's Mask]]''
|habitat = [[Great Bay]]
|weapon = Electrical Attack
'''Deep Pythons'''<ref>{{cite|It's a Deep Python. Get close to it and stun it. If you fail, it'll getcha!|[[Tatl]]|Majora's Mask}}</ref> are a species of giant [[wikipedia:Hydrophiinae|sea snakes]]<ref>{{Cite|Please do this for me. Please defeat all the vicious sea snakes and save my friend.|[[Seahorse]]|Majora's Mask}}</ref><ref name="Pirate">{{cite|Yes, b-but Aveil... The sea is strangely murky where we were attacked by the sea snakes...|[[Gerudo#Majora's Mask|Gerudo Pirate]]|Majora's Mask}}</ref><ref>{{Cite|I heard that the pirates were attacked by sea snakes near the creatures' lair.|[[Zora]]|Majora's Mask}}</ref> that infest the [[Great Bay]], lurking in the depths of [[Pinnacle Rock]] in ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask|Majora's Mask]]''. When [[Link]] draws near, they shoot out of their burrows to grab him in their mouth and damage him before spitting him out. To defeat them, [[Zora Link]] must swim close to lure them out of their burrow, and stun and destroy them with the [[Zora]] Electrical Shield or boomerang fins. The Deep Pythons are guarding some of the missing [[Zora Egg]]s, which the thieving [[Gerudo#Majora's Mask|Gerudo Pirates]] lost to them when they were attacked,<ref name="Pirate" /> as well as a [[seahorse]].
{{Tatl|Deep Python|It's a '''Deep Python'''. Get close to it and stun it. If you fail, it'll getcha!}}
*Although consistently described as sea snakes, they may in fact be a species of [[wikipedia:eel|eel]] as they do not need to breathe air.
*According to [[Aveil]], Deep Pythons eat [[Zora Egg]]s.<ref>{{Cite|Hurry! Go find the other three eggs before those sea snakes eat them!|[[Aveil]]|Majora's Mask}}</ref>
*In ''[[np:Animal Crossing|Animal Crossing]]'', [[np:Gulliver|Gulliver]] tells a story where he states, "When I fought the sea snakes at [[Pinnacle Rock]]! Wait a minute... That wasn't me!"
== description ==
|summary = The [[Western Coast]] in winter (default)
File:MM SeaSerpent.png
|game= OOS
|licensing= Copyright
|ja= {{Japanese|ディープパイソン|Dīpu Paison|Deep Python}}
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SummaryThe Western Coast in winter (default)
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