"Say... Do you know about the far side of this deep gorge? Some say there is an ancient temple deep in the woods that guards a sacred power."

The Deep Gorge is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located in the Faron Woods, to the west of the Forest Temple, this area leads to the Sacred Grove. It is usually inaccessible and hard to spot if its location is not known beforehand. The area contains several small, rocky plateaus that are used as platforms. Wooden logs hang precariously from the treetops, swinging from side to side, knocking down anyone who attempts to pass them. The Deep Gorge is home to one of the seven Howling Stones.


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After Link and Midna restore the Fused Shadow, Zant exposes Midna to the light of Lanayru, mortally wounding her. He also manages to transform Link into a wolf while in the Light World, with no apparent way to return to his Hylian form. They sneak into Hyrule Castle, where Princess Zelda sacrifices her life to save Midna. Midna recalls that an ancient sword within the Sacred Grove has the power to dispel the dark spell which Zant had cast on Link. With the help of Midna and his wolf abilities, Link crosses the Deep Gorge where he and Midna find the Sacred Grove. Upon removing the Master Sword from its pedestal, the curse on Link is broken. The Shadow Crystal which Zant had embedded in Link's forehead is removed, allowing Link and Midna to utilize its power to transform Link into a wolf at will.

Later, Link and Midna return to the area near the Deep Gorge, where Rusl of the Resistance tells Link about the ancient Temple of Time which was once situated in the area of the Sacred Grove. Using the Golden Cucco Rusl has at his disposal, Link is able to cross the Deep Gorge once again and locate the Temple of Time. Subsequently, a Twilight Portal is made available in the Sacred Grove, making the gorge, while still accessible, superfluous.

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