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Deep Akkala
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Deep Akkala is a sublocation of Akkala in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

Main article: Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

Akkala Wilds

Main article: Akkala Wilds

Bloodleaf Lake

Main article: Bloodleaf Lake

East Akkala Stable

Main article: East Akkala Stable

North Akkala Foothill

Main article: North Akkala Foothill

North Akkala Valley

Main article: North Akkala Valley

Rok Woods

Main article: Rok Woods

Skull Lake

Main article: Skull Lake

Spring of Power

Main article: Spring of Power

Tempest Gulch

Main article: Tempest Gulch

Tumlea Heights

Main article: Tumlea Heights

Ancient Shrines

Shrine Trial Name Location Treasure
Katosa Aug Shrine Katosa Aug Apparatus East Akkala Stable Great Frostblade
Zuna Kai Shrine Zuna Kai's Blessing Skull Lake Flameblade


  1. "Deep Akkala" — Map (Breath of the Wild)