Dee Ess Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Located in the south-eastern section of the World of the Ocean King, the island's shape is identical to that of a Nintendo DS Lite when viewed from the ocean, but it is the shape of an original Nintendo DS when viewed from on the island itself.

The day after Link retrieves the pure metal Crimsonine from Goron Island, a Goron opens the Goron Game on Dee Ess Island. A letter will appear in the postboxes at midnight after the Crimsonine has been received. To play the game, Link must control Gongoron to break all of the 30 crystals that appear within the time limit. The initial time limit is 35 seconds. If the game is completed in under 35 seconds, Link will receive a prize, such as a Bombchu Bag, Rupees, Treasures or Ship Parts. Once the initial record of 35 seconds is broken, the new record is the time that Gongoron finished the course in. If the new record is broken, Link will receive another prize.


  • A large pit on the northern part of the island contains two Hinox. Once they are defeated, a chest containing a Courage Gem appears.
  • Using the Shovel to dig in the lower left corner of the island's "touch screen" yields another Courage Gem.
  • If the player blows or shouts into the microphone by the rock just below the bottom left of the "touch screen" of the island, which is where the microphone on the original DS is located, a chest containing a Big Gold Rupee, worth 300 Rupees, appears in the top left corner of the "touch screen."
  • There are several patches of cracked earth on the island, most of which are at the sides of the "upper screen", where the speakers are on the standard DS. Digging in these spots reveals several things, such as Big Green and Red Rupees worth 100 and 200, smaller value Rupees, and enemies such as Ropes and bees.


"Dee Ess Island" is a play on "DS," the portable gaming console which also serves as the inspiration for the island's shape.


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