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The Decayed Master Sword is the first weapon acquired in Tears of the Kingdom and an ultimately weakened form of the Master Sword. The Gloom from beneath Hyrule Castle was responsible for this decayed state, which not only ravaged the Blade of Evil's Bane, but sapped Link's Heart/Stamina containers and even cost him his right arm.

It is retrieved by Princess Zelda after Link sends it to her through an unknown light, most likely her secret stone's power.

Location and uses[]

Due to the fact that the Master Sword was nearly destroyed with its blade broken apart, similar to the Broken Giant's Knife from Ocarina of Time, its damage ability is severely reduced to the bare minimum due to its power being absorbed and have poor range. It does not have infinite durability unlike its original, undamaged counterpart.

The sword does not recharge after losing all of its energy and cannot be used for the rest of the Tutorial Island.

This version of the Master Sword has several negative properties. This weapon cannot be fused with other items. If you attempt to use Fuse on this item, a message will appear, saying "You cannot Fuse on a damaged blade." Furthermore, if you attempt to break the weapon inside Link's awakening spot, it will not work, as it has infinite durability until you cut the vines.