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The Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper is the Soldier at the gate to the Death Mountain Trail in Ocarina of Time.[1]


He is one of the three Hyrulean Soldiers assigned to guarding Kakariko Village; the other two (at the entrance to the Village and near Impa's house) are the ones who tell Link what the in-game time is.

Link must give Zelda's Letter to the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper, after that, the Gatekeeper will open the gate and anyone can pass.[2] If Link shows the letter to the guard before buying the Hylian Shield, he can get a discount between 10 to 40 Rupees at the Bazaar.[3]

His son asked him to get a Keaton Mask,[4][5] so he will buy it for 15 Rupees from Link after getting it borrowed from the Happy Mask Shop.[6] If Link refuses to give him the mask, the guard will close the gate until Link sells him the mask. If Link leaves the village or enters and exits a building, the gate will be open again.

Once he receives the Keaton Mask from Link, he will wear it for the rest of the game, despite the fact that he claimed it was for his son.


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