"If you want to hear more Goron gossip, head up to our city! Goron City is just a little way up the trail. It won't take much longer to get there, even on foot."

The Death Mountain Trail is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This trail can be used by travelers who wish to journey to Death Mountain or Goron City. The trail begins at the western exit from Kakariko Village and continues on to the very summit of the volcanic Death Mountain.


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During his quest to obtain the Goron's Ruby, the second of the three Spiritual Stones, Link manages to bypass the guard posted at the gate leading to the Death Mountain Trail. Upon his arrival in the area, Link finds the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern blocked by a huge boulder. He makes his way to Goron City and inquires about it with their chief, Darunia. Darunia informs Link that the cave was sealed by Ganondorf because the Gorons would not give him their precious Spiritual Stone. After Link plays "Saria's Song" to ease Darunia's mind, he receives the Goron's Bracelet. This allows him to pick up Bomb Flowers and enter Dodongo's Cavern.

After the completion of Dodongo's Cavern, Link can scale the mountain with the help of the item he received inside the dungeon; Bombs. After dodging the stones from the erupting volcano and climbing a large wall, Link finds Kaepora Gaebora. He tells Link about a fork in his path; one of the tunnels at the top of the mountain leads to a Great Fairy's Fountain while the other will lead him inside the dangerous Death Mountain Crater. If Link picks the left tunnel, the Great Fairy inside will grant him the power of magic as well as the power to execute the Magic Spin Attack. After exiting the Fountain, Kaepora Gaebora will transport Link back to Kakariko Village if he asks him.

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  • Two treasure chests containing Purple Rupees, worth 50 Rupees, can be found behind breakable walls in the area. These walls are easy to discern as their pattern is vastly different from the usual mountain wall.
  • A Big Fairy will appear if Link plays the Sun's Song near the wooden flag pole.
  • On the trail leading to the Mountain Summit is a Hidden Hole containing a Cow, Rupees, and Hearts. A Big Fairy will appear if Link plays the Song of Storms near one of the small pools of water inside the Hidden Hole. Interestingly, the cow's mooing can be heard on the trail outside the Hidden Hole.
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