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Not to be confused with Death Mountain Crater, which is also known as Death Mountain Summit.
Death Mountain Summit
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Death Mountain Summit is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Death Mountain Summit is the highest point of Death Mountain. Its location is marked by a signpost denoting it as one of Hyrule's one hundred famous mountains.[1] After Link has defeated Fireblight Ganon and activated Divine Beast Vah Rudania's Main Control Unit, Daruk operates Vah Rudania to climb up to the Summit and take aim at Hyrule Castle. From there on, the Summit becomes a new Travel point via Vah Rudania's icon on the map. Link will not be able to approach Vah Rudania, however, due to it being too dangerous.

Bohrin states that the Gorons used to mine at the Summit, but were forced to relocate to the Southern Mine when Vah Rudania began launching Magma Bombs.[2]


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