The Death Mountain Foothills is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. It is the first stage of Death Mountain, the third level of the game.

The area is heavily guarded by Hyrule Guards and Buzzblobs. Various items can be found, including the Bow, Boomerang, Bombos Medallion, and Magic Hammer.

While ascending the Death Mountain Foothills, Link meets a man with a Moving House. By pushing on the sides of the house, Link can move the house in whatever direction he wants. Additionally, as he pushes, fire comes out the opposite side, a useful tool for destroying the Deadrocks nearby, which must be defeated to progress.

Further into the level, Link must face three Hinox. Directly following that battle, Link is faced with approximately 20 Hinox. By entering the cave, however, Link can obtain a Quake Medallion, which will turn them into Slimes. After the Hinox are defeated, the boulders blocking the path disappear and Link enters Hebra's Hill, which is only passable by proceeding north five times. Finally, Link is faced by a Chief Soldier and numerous Hyrule Guards. After they are defeated, Link can break the barrier and proceed to The Mountain Path.

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