Death Mountain Crater is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As its name implies, it is the rocky, volcanic interior of Death Mountain. Though the temperatures are sweltering and lava flows through it, Link still manages to explore the crater in search of the Sage of Fire, Darunia. While in the crater, and later the Fire Temple, Link must equip the Goron Tunic to survive in the overwhelming heat.

In addition to the Fire Temple, a Great Fairy Fountain is also located in Death Mountain Crater. If Link visits the Great Fairy of Wisdom who resides there, she extends his Magic Meter, thus enabling him to cast twice as many spells before using up his magic power.

The Eyeball Frog cannot be brought into the Crater as a shortcut to the Lakeside Laboratory, as the heat will cause it to die immediately, restarting the quest at receiving the frog from King Zora XVI.


  • A Piece of Heart is found inside a small recess in a climbable rock wall close to the summit entrance.
  • A Piece of Heart is found atop one of the smoking pillars in the area; this may be reached only with the use of a fully-grown Magic Bean plant.
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