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Death Mountain's Secret
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Quest Giver Dugby
Location Goron Hot Springs

"Death Mountain's Secret" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Link is given this Quest by Dugby at the Goron Hot Springs. Dugby, who is found sitting in the Hot Spring, tells Link that he had buried a treasure near the Bridge of Eldin. He says that if Link finds it, it is his to keep.[1] However, because Dugby's mouth is submerged underwater, his directions come out as gurgles.[2] If Link visits the Goron Hot Springs at night, he can overhear Dugby mumbling in his sleep clearer directions to the treasure.[3] The treasure, a Drillshaft, can be found hidden beneath a rubble of stones over a lava fall to the east of the Goron Hot Springs, which can be uncovered by using a Remote Bomb.

When Link brings the Drillshaft to Dugby, he is surprised to find that Link had found the treasure, but is skeptic about it.[4] If Link shows him the Drillshaft he found, Dugby will confirm that it is the treasure.[5] He then lets Link keep the Drillshaft.[6] This ends the Quest.


Stage Description
1 Dugby, the young Goron soaking in the Goron Hot Springs, said:

"I bid a tweshure binteen gear an ba Bridge of Eldin! Iz an abazing schtick! Beely bool! If boo bind it...iz boars!"

It sounds like gibberish, but maybe there's something to it after all?
2 You found a drillshaft buried in a crag between the Bridge of Eldin and Goron Hot Springs.

Could this be the treasure that Dugby mentioned? Try showing Dugby the drillshaft you've acquired.
Complete The treasure that young Goron Dugby hid and alluded to turned out to be...a drillshaft!

Since you found it, he's going to let you keep it.


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