Tatl Artwork Death Armos, a temple guard... Look at that red mark on its chest! I know you've seen something like that before...

Death Armos are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This variation of Armos is only encountered in the inverted Stone Tower Temple, and as their name suggests, they are more dangerous than normal Armos, as they are more difficult to defeat and cause more damage. They are approximately twice as tall as Link, and they patrol the inverted Stone Tower Temple by floating around.

To attack Link, a Death Armos slams into the ground, thus flattening anything underneath it and dealing one heart of damage to Link. In order to defeat it, Link must shoot a Light Arrow at a Red Emblem located on its side, which will cause it to flip upside down. The Death Armos will then slam its head onto the ground near Link, causing it to explode, damaging anything around it.


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