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"Dazzle Lyphos is this town's hero. You don't know him?! There's a statue of him north of the town. To protect the town from its enemies he fought... ...and died... Truly heroic, right? He was a real man!"

Dazzle Lyphos is a character from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. He is not alive during the events of the game, but he is a legendary figure who was once the protector of Port Town. He died while saving the town from danger and became a historical figure. The residents of Port Town constructed a grand monument for the hero where the entrance to his underground vault, the Hero's Shrine, was located.

When Tingle is exploring Auros Ruins, he finds the skeleton of Dazzle Lyphos, revealing that the Dazzle Lyphos myth is exaggerated.

Interestingly, if Tingle finds Dazzle Lyphos' sword, he can sell it to the Armorer for a large sum of Rupees.


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It is likely, although never explicitly stated, that Dazzle Lyphos is somehow related to Link. This concept comes from several in-game quotes, where citizens of Port Town explain that he was the descendant of a legendary hero who saved the world.

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If one "z" is dropped from the word "Dazzle" in Dazzle Lyphos, it reveals itself to be an anagram of the word Zelda, the title character of the Legend of Zelda series.

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