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Dazzle Lyphos
Dazzle Lyphos2.jpg
A statue erected in Dazzle Lyphos' honor
Hero of Port Town
Hyrulean (assumed)
Main appearance(s)

Dazzle Lyphos was a hero that lived long ago in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[1] He was the guardian of Port Town. Although he fought bravely, he never did it for free.[2] He made quite a large sum of money fighting for others, and eventually had an underground cavern built where he stored his great wealth.[3] As the legend goes, a great evil attacked the town, and Dazzle Lyphos was able to save the town, although he lost his own life in the process.[4] Following the tragic event, the people of Port Town had a statue of the hero built over the entrance to his underground cavern, and the place became known as Hero's Shrine. When asked about the statue, the Armourer claims that it has several inaccuracies, and that the stone worker was inexperienced.[5]

However, when searching the Auros Ruins, Tingle comes across a skeleton found in a trap, which is intended to lure in those who are greedy for Rupees. Upon further examination, it is discovered that this is all that is left of the legendary "hero", Dazzle Lyphos, and it is then realized that he was not the hero he was said to be.

Later, the Shrine would be sealed, and many monsters would invade it, including the Ultra Death Bug. The Shrine would later be reopened when Chiko played with her Fairy Doll, and knocked a slab loose, allowing Tingle to enter.[6]


  • It was said that a fairy will lead one to Dazzle's treasure,[7] and it turns out that this prophecy came true, as Chiko's Fairy Doll opened up the Shrine.
  • Dazzle's Sword, known as the Lyphos Sword, can be found in the game. If Tingle gives it to the Armourer, he will be generously rewarded. [8] He may ask for up to 66,200 Rupees.
  • The word "Dazzle" can be unscrambled, and spelled as "Zzelda".


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