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Yo! How ya been, man? I gotta tell ya,
you really helped me out back there at
the Mail Center. I appreciate it!
I've been trying real hard ever since then,
but my postman skills are still weak.
I just can't seem to hit 22 letters!
I doubt I'll ever be as good as you, man.
So anyway, I've been hearing all kinds of
crazy tales about you, and I figured I
just had to write you a letter.
It sounds like you're doing some pretty
amazing stuff, man! You're great!
You're awesome! You're...the man, man!
You can probably tell that I had no idea
what to write, but hey, I figured the
least I could do would be to send you
a letter of encouragement.
So... Yay, man, yay!
Go, man, go! Go! Go!
Never give up! Never lose hope!
And while I don't make much, I'm sending
you the wages I've earned lately. Just
doing my part! Hope it helps!
I'm really sorry I had to send this C.O.D.,
but I guess that's the price of fame!
          Take care!
   Thanks again, boss!          From Baito