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How have you been, Big Brother?
I'm here on the pirate ship writing you
this letter. Isn't that neat?
At first, I was really scared, but they're
all actually nice...for pirates, I mean.

Mr. Gonzo is a really big guy, but ever
since Miss Tetra left, he's been crying
like a baby. It's kinda funny...but sort
of sad, too.
Nudge is a little strange, but nice, too,
and as for Senza...his beard makes him
look pretty mean, but he tells really cool
stories when he gets in the right mood.
Zuko's kind of weird, and Mako is pretty
quiet... Mako immediately gets mad
whenever I try to take his glasses...so I
do that a lot. Hee hee!
As usual, Niko is always fooling around.
He won't take anything serious. Actually,
he seems sad not to have you around
anymore. Were you guys good friends?
I helped them all out with their chores,
and they actually paid me a little for it,
so I'm sending the money to you. Please
use it, Big Brother!
I'll loan you my telescope for a little
longer...but you have to return it to me
eventually, OK?
I'm doing fine here, so don't you worry.
I'll take care of myself, so you be sure to
take good care of yourself. Good luck!