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Daruk, the Goron Hero
HWAoC Daruk, the Goron Hero.png
Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Death Mountain
Playable Character(s) Link, Daruk
Mini-boss(es) 2 Moblins
2 Fire Moblin
Igneo Talus
Boss Igneo Talus
Completion Reward(s) Daruk
Victory Conditions
Defeat the Igneo Talus[verification needed]
Defeat Conditions
Link or Daruk flees, or the Southern Mine falls
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
"Mipha, the Zora Princess""Revali, the Rito Warrior"

Daruk, the Goron Hero is a Scenario in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


The Scenario first starts with a cutscene where Zelda asks for Daruk to become the pilot of Divine Beast Vah Rudania, which he happily accepts. However, he tells Zelda and Link that Vah Rudania is located on Death Mountain, where many monster lurk there. Link decides to help Daruk defeat the monsters at Death Mountain.

Once Daruk and Link defeat some Moblins and capture some outposts on the map, they will meat an Igneo Talus at the north part of the map.

Once you reach the Divine Beast, Daruk will pilot the beast, defeating all the monsters(such as Fire Wizzrobes and Igneo Taluses).

After this, there is a cutscene where Daruk gives Link Prime Rock Meat, rock shaped into a shape that looks similar to prime meat. Link eats it, and Impa and Zelda are amazed that Prime Rock Meat is edible.


Defeat the Igneo Talus

This boss will throw rocks at you, so you need to be careful. Try using an ice rod, and use the remote bombs as much as possible, because that will make the Igneo Talus go down. Try to also use Link's unique attack and shoot arrows at the coal on the top of the Igneo Talus, as that is its critical point.

Also, if you throw a remote bomb at the Igneo Talus while its Weak Point Gauge is out, Link will be able to ride on the Igneo Talus to slice at it's critical point. This will do a lot of damage, so try to do this as much as possible.

Controlling Vah Rudania

Controlling Vah Rudania will be very similar to controlling Vah Ruta. Daruk should be able to do just fine. However, the Counter will be a little harder to use than Vah Ruta's shield, so try to not let Daruk use the Special Attack until he is near the end of the trail, where there are a lot of Igneo Taluses wanting to crush the Divine Beast.


There are 8 Korok Seeds to be found throughout "Daruk, the Goron Hero".

There are 6 Treasure Chests to be found throughout "Daruk, the Goron Hero".

Battlefield-Specific Materials

The Materials that may appear throughout "Daruk, the Goron Hero" are Fireproof Lizard, Smotherwing Butterfly, Spicy Pepper, Warm Safflina, and Warm Darner.


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