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Darknut Prime
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Darknut Prime, as seen in the comic
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Darknut Prime is an enemy character from The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics published by Valiant Comics.[citation needed] He is the apparent leader of the Darknuts and does the bidding of Ganon. Throughout the comics, Link and Princess Zelda encounter Darknut Prime on various occassions. He wears a blue outfit which sets him apart from the other Darknuts who wear red.


Darknut Prime first appears in The Power, where Link and Zelda encounter him and three other Darknuts while they are in the Underworld. The young hero manages to bury Darknut Prime and the other foes under a pile of rubble thanks to a bomb's explosion,[1] but the mighty knights recover and start chasing Link again. Eventually, Link is able to easily defeat them with the use of the Triforce of Power. Later on, in The Price, Zelda is taken into captivity by Darknut Prime when she goes to look for Link in one of Hyrule's palaces.[2] When Darknut Prime brings her into the throne room where Link and Ganon are, Ganon threatens to kill her unless Link surrenders the Triforce of Power.[3] Ganon orders the blue Darknut to kill her[4], but Darknut Prime refuses and states that he has only one master: Link.[5]

Near the end of the comic series, Darknut Prime allows Zelda to enter Ganon's lair to defeat the Prince of Darkness, revealing his hidden hatred for his master.[6] However, he lets her know that if she fails in slaying Ganon, then he will take his rage out upon her. [7]


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