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Darknut Battle is the third stage of Level 8 in Link's Crossbow Training. This level is a boss battle with the controls of a Ranger level. Darknut Battle is located in the Temple of Time. Pots and suits of armor are some of the additional items that can be shot. In this level Link has 90 seconds to defeat a Darknut. Failing to defeat the Darknut will result in failure of the level, even if the target score is met.


To defeat the Darknut, Link must wait for the Darknut to attack by swinging his sword and creating a wave of Keese, which fly at Link and disintegrate upon hitting the wall. When this happens, Link must quickly walk to the side and fire a bomb arrow at the Darknut. This will cause much armor to fall off, which turns into Keese that fly at him. Link must shoot these down before they hit him. This is repeated until enough armor falls off. Then, he will jump back and hurl his sword at Link, which can be shot away for extra points. Next, the Darknut will draw a smaller sword. If Link tries to shoot him, he will sidestep. Link must keep trying, and eventually the Darknut will get hit and be stunned. If Link does not do this in time, the Darknut will jump forth and stab him. If Link is too far away, the Darknut will turn into Keese, fly over, reassemble into the Darknut near him, and stab him.

After Link shoots the Darknut enough, it will turn into a large swarm of Keese. Link must shoot as many as he can. While black ones are worth five points, the white one is worth hundreds, and hitting it will do more damage to the Darknut. After a while, they will reassemble into the Darknut, and the process will be repeated. After a while, the Darknut will go black, as though the Keese of which he is made of are showing through the armor. If Link repeats this process a few more times, the Darknut will drop his sword, fall over, and explode.


This stage begins at the 2:50 time mark.

Link's Crossbow Training Level 8

Link's Crossbow Training Level 8

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