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Darkness Falls
Stage Valley of Seers
Playable Character(s) Cia
Boss Ganondorf
Previous Scenario
"The Demon Lord"
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"Darkness Falls" is the fifth Scenario of the Cia's Tale arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors.[name reference needed] It takes place in the Valley of Seers.


Set prior to the events of "Shining Beacon", Cia's hopes were beginning to wane thin at the defeat of Volga, Wizzro, Zant, and Ghirahim at the hands of Link and his allies. Meanwhile, Ganondorf, who had managed to manifest his form despite not all of his spirit fragments returned, was making his way to the Valley of Seers to steal Cia's Triforce of Power. With very little options left, Cia became desperate and tapped into her own life force to increase her magic power. She knew this would risk her life, but her desire for victory outweighed the costs. With Ganondorf now heading into her territory, she prepared herself and her troops for his arrival.

Ganondorf immediately summons his greatest troops into the battlefield, and sends two large Gohmas to capture Cia's Keeps - one in the east and one in the west. Cia has her general Volga defend the east Keep, while she leaves for the west Keep. En route, she faces and defeats one of the Gohmas. However, Ganondorf has a backup plan and summons a Manhandla onto the western field as well. The plant monster begins a seed barrage attack on the Allied Base, and Cia orders Wizzro to intercept. Wizzro begrudgingly accepts, despite his wounds not yet fully healed from the last fight.[1] As he advances to the Manhandla, he takes notice of and interest in Ganondorf's superior command over his troops.[2] As Cia focuses on the last of the Gohmas, Ganondorf's Forces begin to advance in larger numbers. The defeat of the Gohmas defends the Keeps, yet Cia does not miss a beat and immediately orders Wizzro to cut her a path through the enemy ranks. Wizzro however refuses to follow and announces his allegiance to Ganondorf.[3] Only a little impressed, Ganondorf tells Wizzro to prove his loyalty by defeating his former allies. Wizzro happily accepts and both him and traitorous Icy Big Poes begin attacking Cia's Dark Forces. He also uses magic to increase his strength.

Cia is furious at Wizzro, and swears that she will annihilate him for his treachery. In response, Wizzro summons more reinforcements and threatens her with his full strength. Although Wizzro's treachery is gravely troubling, Volga reminds Cia that they must first deal with those threatening their base. Cia leaves to defeat the Manhandla from before, as well as the Icy Big Poes heading for the base. To increase their chances, Cia uses her dark magic and summons multiple Dark Links to aid her in her fight. She becomes delusional and views them all as the hero Link, her love.[4] Volga however becomes concerned at this display, and suspects her constant use of dark magic is worsening her state of mind. He deems that she is no longer worthy of his services, and leaves to confront Ganondorf himself in a battle between them alone. But Ganondorf has no interest in fighting him, and instead constructs a Barrier of Darkness inside his base and traps Volga inside. With no way past the barrier, Volga is forced to temporarily retreat. Cia meanwhile, after removing the threats to the Allied Base, moves to combat Wizzro. She defeats him and seals him back inside the ring he came from.

With Cia now fighting on her own, Ganondorf uses this opportunity and summons hordes of monsters in the south. His troops advance to storm the ruins, resulting in a few of his Keeps opening. Volga then rejoins the fight in the north, and is at awe by Ganondorf's sheer power. Cia orders him to return to the base and guard it at once, however he refuses her order and announces he acts on his own now. He advances to take down Ganondorf's Forces once more. With Ganondorf's Force overwhelming them, a fraction of Cia's Dark Forces also flee. Frustrated and losing hope, Cia delusively tells herself that the Dark Links beside her, representing the hero, Link, are still on her side.

In that moment, Lana suddenly appears at the Fairy Fountain Keep. She pleads with Cia to stop using the dark magic as it is destroying her mind. Cia is surprised by Lana's appearance, but remembers that she still needs to defeat Ganondorf. Lana tells her that she will help her, and together they can defeat him. Ganondorf is confused by their appearance as he thought he had separated them permanently, but it matters little to him and he resumes his attack.[5] He opens his Base and amplifies his magic power using the barrier, growing stronger by the minute. Lana presses that they must defeat him now before he grows too strong, but Cia says that the barrier is so strong they cannot get close. Lana responds that she can dispel the barrier, but only with Cia's help. Together the sorceresses advance to the Enemy Base. Ganondorf's strength continues to grow in the mean time, however he feels it is still not enough. Should more time pass, he grows even stronger and mocks them for their hesitance. Eventually Lana reaches the Enemy Base and use her powers of light magic to dispel the barrier.

With the barrier now dispelled, Ganondorf's strength weakens. He is not worried in the slightest however and swears he will still destroy them. Cia then enters and attacks the base. Using their combined strength, Cia and Lana defeat him together. Having lost the battle, Ganondorf is forced to retreat. Lana is relieved to have defeated him together, but Cia impatiently instigates that Lana must leave now. Lana again tries to plead with her to stop using dark magic, but is unsuccessful as Cia demands she leave at once.


Dark Forces Ganondorf's Forces
HWDE Bokoblin Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Bokoblin Captain Mini Map Icon.png
Bokoblin Captains
HWDE Bulblin Captain Mini Map Icon.png
Bulblin Captains
HWDE Dinolfos Mini Map Icon.png
Dinolfos Chieftain
HWDE Fiery Aeralfos Mini Map Icon.png
Fiery Aeralfos
HWDE Icy Big Poe Mini Map Icon.png
Icy Big Poes Triforce piece.png
HWDE Icy Big Poe Mini Map Icon.png
Icy Big Poes Triforce piece.png
HWDE Lizalfos Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Lizalfos Mini Map Icon.png
Lizalfos Chieftain
HWDE Stalchild Captain Mini Map Icon.png
Stalchild Captains
HWDE Cia Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Ganondorf Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Volga Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Gohma Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Wizzro Mini Map Icon.png
Wizzro Triforce piece.png
HWDE Wizzro Mini Map Icon.png
Wizzro Triforce piece.png
HWDE Dark Link Mini Map Icon.png
Dark Links
HWDE Manhandla Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Lana Mini Map Icon.png


The following collectibles can only be obtained in Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

Item Location Condition
HW Gold Skulltula Icon.png
Gold Skulltula
Dead end just southwest of the Allied Base Defeat 1000 enemies
HW Gold Skulltula Icon.png
Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
North of the East Temple Keep As Cia, defeat Wizzro while keeping the health of all Dark Links above 60%
HW Piece of Heart Icon.png
Piece of Heart
East Temple Keep Play as Cia
HW Heart Container Icon.png
Heart Container
Fairy Fountain Keep Play as Volga



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
GermanyGermanDas verlorene LichtThe lost light
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