Dark Trains, also known as Bomb Trains, are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. These enemies are stronger than the Armored Trains except they have lower intelligence. They ride the same tracks as Link's Spirit Train, and will attempt to crash into him. They must either be dodged or shot down from afar with the Spirit Train's cannon. The cannon slows them down, and five shots can stun them temporarily, but Dark Trains cannot be destroyed. If they succeed in ramming into the Spirit Train, they explode and instantly destroy the Train. However, they do not follow Link everywhere like Armored Trains will. They can only chase Link while he is on their patrol tracks, but are faster than both the Spirit Train and Armored Trains. The trains appear to be able to spin in place to turn around on the tracks in order to avoid destroying other Dark or Armored Trains. Both types of trains are apparently non-organic or not specifically land-based as seen as they are found underwater and Link has an air bubble surrounding him when on the underwater rails. Dark Trains will give roaring cries if they are near the Spirit Train.

Dark Trains first appear after Link clears the Forest Temple, when an evil energy merges with two seemingly normal trains. Afterward, Dark Trains appear after Link has obtained a Rail Map from the Tower of Spirits. They then attempt to stop him reaching the temple specific to the realm in order to restore another section of the Tower of Spirits. Occasionally, the Dark Trains are mysteriously absent and Tanks will appear in their place.

Non-canonical appearances

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Dark Trains appear on the Spirit Train stage. They will occasionally ram the front of the train, causing the screen to shift in that direction. A Dark Train also appears as a collectible trophy.

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