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Dark Ruins
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The Dark Ruins is a location in A Link Between Worlds.

Features and Overview

The Dark Ruins are the remains of ancient buildings in Lorule where the Dark Palace is located and it is the counterpart of the Eastern Ruins in Hyrule. It is situated indirectly south of Ku's Domain, indirectly east of Lorule Castle, and indirectly north of Lorule Lake. It is a dark maze with several dead ends that are only lit by the radius of the Lamp as Link passes through and by various green torches dispersed within the area. It contains pools of water dispersed throughout its span, trees in its southeastern corner, and vine-covered walls. The maze of the Dark Ruins has a ground level as well as areas on top of the maze walls.

Link Wall Merging past a Lorule Soldier in the Dark Ruins maze

Upon entering the Dark Ruins, Princess Hilda will warn Link about the Lorule Soldiers who roam the Dark Ruins, revering the Gemesaur King.[1] Statues of the Gemesaur King appear on the exterior of the Dark Palace and on one of the remaining buildings in the Dark Ruins. As Link approaches the first Lorule Soldier, a collective order to capture any intruders is given by him.[2] If the young hero gets caught, he is imprisoned in one of the two holding cells in the area, but can escape by Wall Merging through the bars. After successfully Wall Merging and sneaking around several Lorule Soldiers, Link will reach the Dark Palace, the sole dungeon of the Dark Ruins located at its northeastern corner. The entrance of the Dark Palace is cracked and sealed shut upon Link's arrival, but a standard Bomb can open the way. After defeating the Gemesaur King and rescuing Gulley, the Lorule Soldiers will disappear from the Dark Ruins and Link is free to explore the area without having to resort to stealth techniques.

The only item found in the Dark Ruins is a Piece of Heart, though two Lost Maiamais can also be found stuck to two different walls in the maze. Several Green, Blue, and Red Rupees can be found laying out in the open in the Dark Ruins as well as a chest containing a Red Rupee on top of the maze.

No Fissures that link the two worlds are located directly in the Dark Ruins, but there are four such fissures in the adjacent areas located within the same fragmented region of Lorule. The first of these is located in the area between Ku's Domain and the Dark Ruins. The second is located northwest of the Dark Ruins, along the river flowing out of Ku's Domain. The third is located on the pillar in the rocky area west of the Dark Ruins. The fourth is located in the area directly south of the Dark Ruins and is initially blocked by a rock that can be bombed. There is also a Weather Vane located by the Dark Palace's entrance that serves as a warp point to the Dark Palace.

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  1. "You are nearing the Dark Palace. It is home to the followers of a great and terrible beast. They were once soldiers from Lorule Castle. Now they revere a foul being and cower here in this temple. I accept the responsibility. I was too weak to protect them. They were all good people...my people. If they find you, they will imprison you. Please be careful. So say I, Hilda of Lorule..." — Princess Hilda (A Link Between Worlds)