The Dark Ore Mine

The Dark Ore Mine is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is a remote and secret location where Gorons mine Dark Ore, an extremely valuable substance that melts when exposed to light. It is located in the northeastern Fire Realm on a set of tracks that are initially gone and must be recreated by a Force Gem. To obtain this force gem, Link must have first taken Ferrus to Aboda Village. After revisiting the Tower of Spirits, Link will receive a letter in the mail from Ferrus asking Link to pick him up from the Fire Realm. Ferrus then asks Link to take him to the Ocean Temple, for which he rewards the Force Gem.

Link can buy Dark Ore from the Dark Ore Salesman at the Mine. Furthermore, a Treasure Chest can be found in the northeastern part of the cave, as indicated by the map given by Kagoron.

Link can take some Dark Ore to Linebeck III as part of a side quest. If Link manages to deliver five chunks of Ore, he is awarded with a Force Gem that unlocks tracks in the Ocean Realm leading to the Lost at Sea Station.

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