"Ah! The Dark Mirror... Someone's stolen the Dark Mirror! That mirror reveals the wickedness within a person and brings it to life. It's an item of terrible, dark power. No good can come from this."
White Maiden

The Dark Mirror is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Prior to the start of the story it was used to seal away a Dark Tribe who invaded Hyrule. It was laid to rest within the Temple of Darkness, but was later stolen by Ganon. According to Hyrule Historia, the mirror created an army of Shadow Links from the resentment and evil thoughts of the defeated Ganondorf from Twilight Princess. The mirror emits a new Shadow Link every time Links kill him, causing the two to meet numerous times throughout the game. In the penultimate stage, The Dark Cloud, Link battles Shadow Link for the final time. In the center of the arena is the Dark Mirror, held by a circular dark portal similar in appearance to a Knight Mark. The Dark Mirror creates an unlimited number of clones of him until it is reclaimed by Princess Zelda, thus allowing Shadow Link to permanently be destroyed.

While it does not make a physical appearance in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, it is responsible for the creation of the Shadow Links in the game.

In the manga

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The Dark Mirror played a similar role in the manga adaption of Four Swords Adventures. Shadow Link was created using it. Using its power he was also able to start a volcanic eruption. The Purple Link attempts to destroy it pretending to by allied with Shadow Link, but Tingle ruins his attempt. Like in the video game, the Dark Mirror revives Shadow Link, although he is only killed once. Later, when the four Links fight Vaati, the Dark Mirror makes it impossible for him to die no matter how much damage he takes. Shadow Link turns against Vaati and Ganon, and he destroys the mirror, despite Vaati's warnings that he would die if the Dark Mirror was destroyed, which turned out to be true.

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