This article is about the bosses from A Link to the Past. For the recurring antagonist, see Dark Link.

Dark Links are the bosses of the Palace of the Four Sword, the optional dungeon in the Game Boy Advance port of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Each of the Dark Links wear a tunic that corresponds with the clothes worn by the four Links in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords with the exception of the red Link, whose counterpart wears an orange tunic.


Link fights the Dark Links one at a time. The first Dark Link, wearing a green tunic, will attack Link with his sword, and can also use the Dash Attack. His Shield will also block all frontal attacks. Once he is defeated, the second Dark Link, wearing an orange tunic, will appear. He fights in the same manner as the previous Dark Link but will also use the Hurricane Spin. The third Dark Link, wearing a blue tunic, will use the powerful Downthrust as well as all previous attacks and the Magic Cape. The last Dark Link wearing a purple tunic will shoot fire from his sword and use attacks used by the blue and orange Dark Links. The last Dark Link does not use the Pegasus Boots.


It is best not to fight the Dark Links head on, their shields completely guard their front, instead fight them at an angle or from behind, after they finish a special attack. While you may be tempted to use magic and blue, green, or red potions these are utterly wasteful, as magic has no effect on them; instead grab four fairies in your net for this fight. When you swing your sword, the Dark Links will jump out of the way and usually do an immediate Dash Attack, quickly get in behind them and make a swing at their back; later on, Blue may jump into a Downthrust and Purple will most likely shoot fire. Always beware, the Dark Links may swing their sword more slowly than you, but they are always faster on the draw. When they use Hurricane Spin, be sure to dodge out of the way, there is no way to interrupt this attack. Spin Attacks may do double damage, but all in all its safer and easier to use single swipes. Sword Beams, arrows, the boomerang, fire rod, ice rod, magic powder, bombos, ether, quake, cane of somaria, bombs, magic hammer, hookshot, and lamp are all useless against the Dark Links.


Palace of the Four Sword Dark Links (A Link to the Past)

Palace of the Four Sword Dark Links (A Link to the Past)

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