Dark ChuChus are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Gelatinous blobs, they are a variety of ChuChu. Appearing first in the Earth Temple, Dark ChuChus act similar to Red ChuChus, but when attacked, their bodies disperse and reform, preventing them from taking damage from a strike from Link's weaponry. However, with the use of either Medli's Harp or the Mirror Shield, sunlight can be reflected onto them, turning them to stone. Dark ChuChus are also like Green ChuChus since they go into puddles of goo. As they tend to chase Link when he is within their sight, they can be lured into the light source and be petrified upon entering it. They can then be used to weigh down switches. In this form, they can also be defeated by throwing them into walls or using the Skull Hammer. However, after a time away from sunlight, they will reform into their previous state, making them difficult to use. Light Arrows are also effective at dispatching them.

Outside of the Earth Temple, Dark ChuChus can be found in the Savage Labyrinth and Ganon's Tower. But since they respawn as new and are often found in groups, they are tied as one of the rarest varieties in the game along with blue and yellow ChuChus.


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