The Dapper Spinner Kit is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. It is an obtainable Outfit Link can equip, giving him the ability to perform a Spin Attack without charging by attacking three times in a row.

This Outfit is unlocked for purchase at Madam Couture's Shop after obtaining five Freebies (reward for choosing the wrong chest) at the Daily Riches minigame, at which point the owner of the shop will notify Link that he has placed an order for the costume as compensation for the Hero's bad luck. The outfit will then require an additional five Freebies (making a total of 10) and 300 Rupees to be made.

The Suit itself is a based on a story book hero in Hytopia the Dapper Spinner. Wearing it makes Link resemble a traditional Musketeer, complete with cavalier hat and handlebar moustache. It also is one of the few outfits that alters the appearance of the sword, this time to match that of a basket-hilted rapier, a weapon the musketeers are typically depicted with.

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