Dagtail (デグテール Degu Tēru?, Big Tail) is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. It is the final enemy of the Pyramid and, consequently, the Desert of Doubt. Very similar in attack style and appearance to Moldorms of previous games, it does not actively attack Link, but rather bounces randomly around the arena.


Like Moldorms, Dagtail's tail is its weakness. It changes color to match one of Link's tunics and can only be damaged by the Link with that corresponding tunic. Halfway through the battle, Dagtail splits in two. After enough damage has been done to their tails, each Dagtail explodes. Link continues on to the chamber of the Trident, but discovers it has been stolen. Finally, he rescues the Purple Maiden and the five others locate Princess Zelda.


Dagtail (Four Swords Adventures)

Dagtail (Four Swords Adventures)

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