"The cursed swordsman...sleeps before...the sacred tree."
— Grave

The Cursed Swordsman is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Upon exploring Hyrule Castle, Link discovers a graveyard at the back of the castle. As Wolf Link he can use his senses to see the ghost of the Cursed Swordsman. At first three versions Cursed Swordsman stands near the entrance to the area but upon reading a gravestone, the images of the Cursed Swordsman move so they surround an area beneath a nearby tree. By using a bomb on the center of their ring, Link can discover a switch that will help him open a door into a new area. The Cursed Swordsman later reappears near the top of the castle where he will help Link find the correct path through a room with fake floors by looking in the direction Link needs to take. It is unknown who exactly the Cursed Swordsman is though it appears to be wearing a uniform of the Knights of Hyrule and is seemingly buried beneath the tree in the graveyard.

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