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"The Malice has given these Bokoblin skulls a sort of life. Devoid of any intelligence the Bokoblin it once belonged to may have had, these pitiful things now exist only to attack anything that gets too close."
Hyrule Compendium

Cursed Bokoblins are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are flying Stalkoblin skulls filled by the Malice. They are spawned by the mouths connected to the Glowing Eyeballs and emerging from the sentient pockets of a purple substance found around some Sheikah Towers and throughout dungeons, the four corrupted Divine Beasts and the Hyrule Castle.


Cursed Bokoblins are one of the two undead Bokoblins variants with Stalkoblins. Unlike the Cursed Bokoblins in Skyward Sword, the Cursed Bokoblins in Breath of the Wild are depicted as floating Stalkoblin skulls surrounded by Malice like flames causing them to vaguely resemble Bubbles in appearance (floating skulls surround by fire) and behavior as they fly around slowly homing in on Link's position. Like all Cursed Monsters such as Cursed Moblin and Cursed Lizalfos, they are spawned from the mouthes connected to the Glowing Eyeballs found in pools of Malice. However they are physically weak enemies as a single hit with any weapon is sufficient to kill them, though spears are generally a great way of dispatching them quickly due to their reach. Unlike Skyward Sword, Cursed Bokoblin do not drop any items when killed in Breath of the Wild.

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