"Things that get stolen in this town always make their way to the Curiosity Shop."

The Curiosity Shop is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is a pawn shop, where the owner buys items from customers and resells them for more Rupees than he bought them. Also, if a Takkuri in Termina Field steals one of Link's items, it can be repurchased from this shop. The Curiosity Shop seems to be of a questionable legality since the thief Sakon sells his stolen goods here. Also, the shop is somewhat involved in a line of events involving the Keaton Mask, Couple's Mask, an Empty Bottle, and the Postman's Hat. The Curiosity Shop has a Backroom that can only be accessed via a door in the Laundry Pool. It is here that Kafei resides while he waits for the return of Sakon, who stole his Sun's Mask.

If Link successfully stops Sakon from robbing the old lady from the Bomb Shop in North Clock Town on the night of the First Day, he will be able to buy the All-Night Mask for 500 Rupees. Link must have the Giant's Wallet to do so. If Sakon is not stopped, he will sell the stolen Big Bomb Bag to the Curiosity Shop, after which Link can purchase it for 100 Rupees. If Sakon makes this exchange, Kafei will notice and follow the thief to his hideout.

Link can also sell many of the items from his bottles to the Curiosity Shop, most of which will be bought for 20 Rupees. Notably, Gold Dust and Big Poes will earn Link 200 Rupees.

Possible Stock

Item Price
Empty Bottle 20 Rupees
Kokiri Sword 50 Rupees
Razor Sword 50 Rupees
Gilded Sword 100 Rupees
Great Fairy's Sword 100 Rupees
Big Bomb Bag 100 Rupees
All-Night Mask 500 Rupees
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