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Cucco Ranch,[1] also known as Dodge the Cuccos[2][note 1] is a Mini-Game in A Link Between Worlds. Cucco Ranch can be found just south of Kakariko Village in Hyrule, and is operated by the Cucco Girl. Link must speak to the Cucco Girl, who will charge a different amount of Rupees depending on which difficulty he selects. The aim of the game is to dodge Cuccos flying overhead for the duration of 30 seconds in order to win a prize.[3] The time and amount of Cuccos will increase with the difficulty of the selected mode. If Link is touched by a Cucco, he automatically loses the game.

Modes and rewards

There are four modes of difficulty, ranging from 'Egg', to 'Endless'. The 'Egg' level costs 20 Rupees, and is the easiest of the four levels. After completing the Egg level, Link is rewarded with 40 Rupees and unlocks the second level. The 'Chick' level costs 30 Rupees, and features large Cuccos to add to the difficulty of the game. If Link beats this level, he is rewarded with 60 Rupees,[4] and unlocked the 'Rooster' level. Upon surviving the Rooster level, Link is rewarded with 150 Rupees[5] and a Piece of Heart.

He also unlocks the 'Endless' level, in which he must survive as long as possible with no time limit, and costs 10 Rupees.[6] If Link is able to withstand the Cuccos for 100 seconds, he will get Rupees as a prize.[7] Every few minutes, the amount of Rupees if Link is hit by any Cuccos increases, but if the 999.99 second limit is reached, the Cucco Girl will stop Link and comment about how he managed to dodge all the Cuccos for such an amount of time, giving him the title of the Cuccomaster and 3000 Rupees.[8] A large Cucco will then appear outside the Ranch which only comes out in a blue moon,[9] throwing hearts at Link if he gets close and talks to it. This is also shown in the end credits.[10]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese コッコよけゲーム (Kokko yo ke Gēmu)
Canada FrenchCA Enclos aux cocottes Hen enclosure
Federal Republic of Germany German Hühnerhagel Chicken Hail
ERROR: You must enter a country code. Korean 꼬꼬 피하기 게임 (Kkokko Pihagi Geim) Cucco Avoiding Game
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Avalancha de cucos Cucco's avalanche



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