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The Cucco Lady is a character in Ocarina of Time.[1][note 1]


The Cucco Lady can be found in Kakariko Village, where she raises and tends to her Cuccos. The Cucco Lady is allergic to Cuccos, so she has a hard time taking care of them and keeping them inside the pen.[4] When Link first meets her, the Cuccos will be running around all over the village. As the Cucco Lady cannot do it herself, she asks Link to round them up and bring them back to their pen. For Link's help, she will reward him with a Bottle.[5] Upon bringing back the Cuccos for a second time, the Cucco Lady will give Link a Purple Rupee.

When Link returns to Kakariko Village as an adult, he can speak to the Cucco Lady to begin the Biggoron's Sword quest. She will tell him that she bred a special new type of miniature Cucco that does not give her an allergic reaction.[6] She then gives him the Pocket Egg which he must carry until it hatches. After the egg hatches, Link must use it to wake up Talon, and then return the new Cucco to the Cucco Lady. She will compliment Link's ability to care for Cuccos and entrust him with her brother's blue Cucco, Cojiro.[7]

A Gossip Stone says that the Cucco Lady goes to the Lakeside Laboratory to study how to breed pocket-sized Cuccos.[3]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseニワトリねえさん (Niwatori Nē-san) (OoT)[8]Chicken Lady
FranceFrenchEUFille aux cocottes (OoT)[9]Cucco girl
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  1. In Ocarina of Time, the Gossip Stone that mentions her initially referred to her as the Chicken Lady.[2] This was changed to Cucco Lady in Ocarina of Time 3D.[3]


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