This article is about the playable Giant Cucco from Hyrule Warriors.

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Cucco (コッコ Kokko?, Hylian CHylian UHylian CHylian CHylian O) or Giant Cucco is a playable character from Hyrule Warriors. Cucco is a gigantic Cucco who appears as a playable character in the unlockable Cucco's Fury Challenge Mode, which appears as part of the Boss Pack DLC. Like most DLC characters, it has no role in the main story.

Cucco's Fury

Cucco's Fury is unlocked after clearing Survival Mode Lv. 3 of Ganon's Fury with an A-Rank. Like Ganon, Cucco can only be played in Cucco's Fury challenge mode. Unlike Ganon, it has a limited moveset and no Boss Attack Items.

Outside of Cucco's Fury, it makes a minor cameo appearance as part of Lana's Special Attack for her Summoning Gate moveset.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends Ganondorf Standard Armor (Boss - Giant Cucco Recolor)

Due to the lack of Challenge Mode, Giant Cucco and Ganon do not appear as playable characters in Hyrule Warriors Legends. However Ganondorf's Standard Armor (Boss) (unlocked in Ganon's Fury in Hyrule Warriors), a Recolor of his Standard Armor based off the Giant Cucco can still be obtained by completing the Rulers of Twilight Reward Map with an "A" Rank.

Though it is not playable, it still appears as part of Lana's Summoning Gate moveset.


Being a Cucco, it is unable to use items and has a very limited range of attacks. It attacks consists of only a two-hit pecking attack as its normal combo and a tackle as its Strong Attack. Its Special Attack summons flocks of Cuccos to stampede enemies around a wide area.

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