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The Cubus Sisters are characters and Bosses in Phantom Hourglass.[2]


The Cubus Sisters appear as four young human girls, identical in appearance but dressed in differing colors, who are encountered on the Ghost Ship. Link finds the sister in red cowering in a corner on the first floor while a group of Poes haunt the area. Once the Poes are defeated, she introduces herself to Link as the youngest daughter of the House of Cubus, having been kidnapped along with her three older sisters and held captive on the Ship.[3] She somehow has knowledge of Link's name and his quest to rescue Tetra,[4] and seems relieved that a hero has arrived to save her sisters as well.[5]

Each of the three remaining Cubus Sisters can be found in a cell on the three respective floors of the Ghost Ship. Link must free the sisters and lead them one-by-one to where the youngest sister awaits on the top floor. If Link gets separated by more than a short distance from the girl he's leading, or if a Skulltula descends into her line of sight, she'll begin to cower in fear and require Link's reassurance to continue.[6]

When speaking to the Sisters, they will occasionally show signs of their true, evil nature, either by giving Link poor advice,[7][8] or through a simple slip of the tongue.[9] Once the four girls are reunited, they will gather around and hiss at Link, sharing disbelief that he survived the Reaplings and the Ship's various traps,[10] and declaring that it's time to "play extra rough".[11] They transport Link and themselves to the Ship's deck and reveal their true forms.


The battle against the Cubus Sisters takes place across both screens of the Nintendo DS, with the sisters flying around overhead. The youngest sister will launch balls of energy down at Link in a game of Dead Man's Volley, while the others fire beams of light that Link must avoid. After outmatching the youngest sister and striking her with her own energy ball twice, she will be defeated and the remaining sisters will continue the battle.

With three or fewer left, the sisters will begin to pass the moving energy ball between themselves several times before returning it to Link, in an attempt to disorient the hero. The first sister to be struck by the ball twice will be defeated. When two sisters remain, some of the energy balls they launch will be decoys with a different appearance, which will split apart if Link strikes them with his Sword, likely causing him harm. The final remaining sister will launch three energy balls toward Link at once; two decoys and one real one. The final sister must be struck three more times before she'll fall, feign congratulations, then disappear, leaving behind the Ghost Key needed to enter the Ship's hull where Tetra is trapped.[12]

If Link does not obtain the Heart Container from the Treasure Chest before leaving the Ghost Ship, it will be mailed to him by an unknown sender.[13] The Letter's phrasing suggests that it comes from the Cubus Sisters themselves.[14]

Other Appearances[]

Phantom Hourglass Manga[]

Only one of the Cubus Sisters makes an appearance in the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa. She is first seen briefly in Linebeck's flashback. On the Ghost Ship, the Cubus Sister carries a platter of food,[15] and thanks Linebeck's crew for saving her.[16] Although, the crew is soon cursed and turned into monsters,[17] causing Linebeck to flee by himself.[18]

The Cubus Sister is seen again sobbing next to Tetra, who has been turned to stone.[19] She introduces herself to Link, and says that she was kidnapped by the Ghost Ship and rescued by Tetra.[20] The Cubus Sister begins crying again, and explains that Tetra took her place and was cursed.[21] Link asks who cursed Tetra.[22] The Cubus Sister responds that the living dead below deck did so.[23] Linebeck then confronts the two, commenting that the Cubus Sister is tricky as ever, and asks how many sailors she lured this way.[24] The Cubus Sister calls Linebeck a coward,[25] and asks how he can criticize her after abandoning his comrades.[26] The Cubus Sister continues, telling the captain that his comrades were all captured and cursed, and that they wander below deck screaming their hatred for him.[27] Linebeck falls to the ground and calls her a devil.[28] She tells the captain that she will take him to join his comrades,[29] and transforms into her demonic form. Before the Cubus Sister can harm Linebeck, Ciela, Leaf, and Neri attack her. Link defends Linebeck, although the Cubus Sister says he will betray the hero as he did his shipmates.[30] Link demands the Cubus Sister return those she cursed to normal.[31] The Cubus Sister claims it is too late, that once he enters the Ghost Ship he is already lost and will join the living dead.[32] The demon begins attacking Link. In an attempt to finish the hero,[33] the Cubus Sister aims an energy ball at Link, but hits Tetra's statue instead. Princess Zelda comes out of the statue,[34] and reflects the energy ball back to the Cubus Sister. The Cubus Sister charges Link, outraged at being hit with her own power.[35] Link then defeats the demon with his sword, ordering her to return to darkness and never come back.[36]


  • In the Japanese version, the Cubus Sisters only made sounds when they fired energy balls. They were given a sound for receiving energy balls and dying in the international versions.


The name "Cubus" may based off of the word Succubus, which refers to a female demon which seduces men in order to steal their life force.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 地獄四姉妹 キュバス (Jigoku Yon Shimai Kyubasu) Hellish Four Cubus Sisters
French Republic FrenchEU Les quatre sɶurs Cubus The four Cubus Sisters
Federal Republic of Germany German Diabolische Kubus-Schwestern Diabolical Cubus Sisters
Italian Republic Italian Cubus, Sorelle Diaboliche Cubus, Diabolical Sisters
ERROR: You must enter a country code. Korean 지옥 네자매 큐버스
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Hermanas diabólicas Cubus Diabolical Cubus Sisters



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