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Cube Patterns are Objects in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses[]

Cube Patterns can be found throughout Hyrule Kingdom. They take the form of two separate structures made entirely of cubes, with one structure having a cube that the other lacks. To rectify this, Link must find a nearby cube, which he can lift with the Magnesis Rune. He must then place this cube in the correct space on the structure that is missing one. Doing so will cause a Korok to appear, who then gives Link a Korok Seed.[2]


A total of four Cube Patterns can be found in Akkala.

Image Location
Akkala Highlands
BotW Rist Peninsula Korok Base of Rist Peninsula
BotW Ordorac Quarry Korok East end of Ordorac Quarry
BotW Ordorac Quarry Korok 2 West end of Ordorac Quarry
Akkala Sea
BotW East Akkala Beach Korok East Akkala Beach

Central Hyrule[]

A total of nine Cube Patterns can be found in Central Hyrule.

Image Location
Great Plateau
BotW Great Plateau Korok 2 On a cliff west of Hopper Pond
BotW Great Plateau Korok 3 East edge of the Great Plateau
Hyrule Field
BotW Hylia River Korok 2 At the end of the Hylia River
BotW North Hyrule Plain Korok West end of North Hyrule Plain
BotW Hyrule Field Korok 10 North of Aquame Bridge
BotW Regencia River Korok 3 Along the Regencia River south of the Sage Temple Ruins
BotW East Hyrule Castle Korok Northeast corner of East Hyrule Castle
BotW Castle Town Prison Korok 2 Castle Town Prison
Hyrule Ridge
BotW Regencia River Korok 4 At the split of the Regencia River and Tamio River
Lake Hylia
BotW Lake Hylia Korok 4 Southwest edge of Lake Hylia


A total of eight Cube Patterns can be found in Eldin.


A total of four Cube Patterns can be found in Faron.

Image Location
Faron Grasslands
BotW Spring of Courage Korok On the hands of the Dragon statue surrounding the Spring of Courage
BotW Ibara Butte Korok 3 South end of Ibara Butte
BotW Puffer Beach Korok 3 Along a tidepool on Puffer Beach
Faron Sea
BotW Cora Lake Korok Cora Lake


A total of 19 Cube Patterns can be found in Gerudo.


A total of six Cube Patterns can be found in Hebra.


A total of five Cube Patterns can be found in Lanayru.


A total of 10 Cube Patterns can be found in Necluda.


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  2. "Yahaha! You found me!" — Korok (Breath of the Wild)