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The Crossbow is an item from the Legend of Zelda series. Link's sole weapon in Link's Crossbow Training, it is capable of long range attacks similar to a bow; additionally, it can be charged up to fire a Bomb Arrow and can even be enabled to fire fully-automatically if Link hits a flashing green enemy. The Crossbow is controlled using the Wii Zapper, creating a realistic experience for the player.

Link's Crossbow Training is the only game in which Link wields a Crossbow. Some enemies, such as Bulblins and Hyrule Guards, use crossbows, as well. Link's Crossbow, however, seems to be more finely crafted than the others.

Other Appearances

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The Legend of Zelda animated series

A crossbow weapon first appeared in the series as a loot dropped by Tinsuits; it is then wielded by Princess Zelda, and Prince Facade also owns one in "The White Knight". Later Moblins are seen wielding bone versions.

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Hyrule Warriors/Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends Crossbows Hylian Crossbows (Level 2 Crossbows)

In Hyrule Warriors Legends, Linkle wields two Crossbows as her main weapon type. When her Crossbows are not in use, they can attached to the holsters on her boots. She also wields a single Crossbow in her unused concept artwork for Hyrule Warriors. The design of her Level 2 weapon, the Hylian Crossbows resembles the design of Crossbow from Link's Crossbow Training.


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