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Croo is a character in Skyward Sword.[citation needed] He sits at the café in the Skyloft Bazaar and gives miscellaneous advice to Link. His grandson is one of the Rescue Knights.


Fi's Comment:
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Target lock: Croo
"His name is Croo, and he is a retired individual. His grandson is a rescue knight who saves those who fall off of Skyloft.

He delights in hearing passersby at the bazaar restaurant mention his grandson's heroic deeds."

Once the Skyloft Bazaar is open, Link can talk to Croo, where he will tell the hero how to sleep in a bed to pass time. He also warns Link that Skyloft is different at night.[2] If Link sits in the seat opposite to Croo, he congratulates his graduation and offers a drink.[3] If Link denies the offer, Croo will feel insulted;[4] but if Link accepts, Croo tells him that he could become a Rescue Knight if he works hard, and boasts that his grandson is one.[5] Afterwards, he will invite Link to visit him again for information.[6] Croo also provides additional pieces of wisdom, such as the nature of their home, Skyloft, and that Hylia is the one responsible for their lives on the floating island.[7] Croo also tells Link of "ring-shaped rocks," which the hero can use to propel himself through the sky.[8] He also tells Link about the usefulness of Stamina Potions that can be bought from the Potion Shop.[9]


Croo's name is likely derived from crow, and possibly the cooing of birds.

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