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Crisis at Hyrule Castle
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Quest Giver Purah
Location Lookout Landing
Reward Heart Container
Next Quest
"Find the Fifth Sage"

"Crisis at Hyrule Castle" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.



After Link investigated the disturbances in the four regions, he came back to Lookout Landing to report back to Purah. But everyone in the location appeared to be concern looking at Hyrule Castle. Upon reaching Purah, she delivered urgent news that she saw Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle. But then suddenly a Blood Moon appeared, coloring the skies red. Purah looked in the telescope and saw Zelda at the castle, but she disappeared in plain sight. Knowing that Zelda is still at Hyrule Castle, Purah asked Link to rescue after her.

Link reached Hyrule Castle, who later heard Zelda's voice calling out to him.[1] Link reached Zelda, only for her to disappear and be ambushed by monster. Link searched around the castle and found Zelda again, but she kept disappearing and got ambushed by monster each time he gotten near her. Eventually, Link caught up to Zelda at the sanctorum.

Zelda created an undamaged recreation of the sanctorum, who began speaking to Link in an ominous tone.[2] A large astral projection appeared above her, the original mastermind—the Demon King—and revealed the "Zelda" was a puppet underling. He then warped the puppet into its true shadowy form of himself and directed it to destroy Link. In the end, Link repelled the Demon King's puppet.

Though amused by Link's perseverance, the Demon King launched a surprise attack against him. But his companions—Sidon, Yunobo, Riju, and Tulin—rescued him in time. Acknowledging them as the new sages with Link, he declared that his revival will be inevitable and their opposition will not stop his plot to fill the world in darkness. The Demon King—who calls by his true name, Ganondorf—vows to eradicate them, then disappeared.

The party were surprised to hear that Ganondorf was the Demon King revived as forewarned by their ancestors, but noted it's possible he has not regenerated yet. They all decided to regroup at Lookout Landing to discuss their next move with Purah.

Putting all together, it became clear that the revival of the Demon King was just as the current sages saw in their visons of the Demon King, has now repeated itself in present time. Being told that the "Zelda" was an impostor, Purah deduced that its role within the regional disturbances was to prevent the others from becoming sages. From the previous Sages' description, the real Zelda was in the past, meaning that she somehow traveled back in time. Purah also noted that there were at least "six" sages who fought the Demon King. Counting, the four present as the Sages, including Zelda as the Sage of Time, the other Sage is not yet known or found. That said, it's the only lead they have and Purah suggest finding that other Sage.

If Link had already reawakened Mineru, he will mention that he already found the Fifth Sage, to everyone's surprise.[3] With all things already in place, Purah directed the sages to get into position to prepare for Link's decisive battle with Ganondorf.


Stage Description
1 '
2 '
3 '
4 '
5 You infiltrated Hyrule Castle and finally arrived at Princess Zelda's location.

But the princess was an impostor—a duplicate created by the mummy. The impostor further warped its appearance and began attacking.
6 Princess Zelda, who appeared at Hyrule Castle, turned out to be an impostor created by Demon King Ganondorf.

The Demon King isn't yet fully regenerated, so there may still be time. Return to Lookout Landing and talk to Purah.
Complete The phenomena at Hyrule Castle and the Upheaval were all due to Demon King Ganondorf, who is trying to destroy the world.

Combine your powers with the five sages and slay the Demon King.


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  2. "What do you think? Hyrule Castle. Perfect and glorious. Does it awaken memories? Memories of our time here? Well, really take in every detail... After all, this place...will be the last thing you ever see." — Princess Zelda (Tears of the Kingdom)
  3. "Purah: What? You already found her? Mineru? The Sage of Sprit!
    AND you have the Master Sword already? Why didn't you mention that sooner!
    Yunobo: Didn't you say the Master Sword disappeared?
    Riju: Heh, I don't know what else to say except well done!
    It is amazing that even trapped in the past link she was, Zelda still had a plan.
    Everything she did was to heal and strengthen the Master Sword, which will be critical to defeating the Demon King.
    " — Various (Tears of the Kingdom)