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This page only includes Eye symbols with clear links to the Sheikah tribe for similar symbols with unknown relation to the Sheikah like Agahnim, the Fused Shadow or the Timeshift Stone see Eye Symbol.
Crest of the Sheikah
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The Crest of the Sheikah,[1] also known as the Sheikah Eye,[name reference needed] is a recurring Symbol in The Legend of Zelda series. The eye is open wide to seek the truth, while the teardrop represents the willingness of the tribe to go to any lengths to achieve a goal.[1] The crest is said to ward off evil,[2] and it is customary for Sheikah to tattoo it on their skin to honor their ancestors.[3]


Ocarina of Time

This is where the tear-drop eye symbol first appeared. From the beginning it had its basic form, an eye in the middle with three triangular lashes on top and a tear drop coming down from the pupil. It was the proud symbol of the mysterious Sheikah, the shadow race of Hyrule. The symbol seems to have been a very important part of Sheikah culture. They placed it all throughout the sacred Shadow Temple, and on their artifacts, including the Lens of Truth, the Gossip Stones, and the Mask of Truth. They also seem to have commonly placed it on their attire, as both Impa, the Sheikah sage of Shadows, and Sheik (Princess Zelda disguised as a Sheikah) placed it on their clothing.

Majora's Mask

The Wind Waker

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Sheikah Eye TWW.png

In The Wind Waker, a version of the eye symbol can be seen on the Shields hanging at the door of the grounded ship atop Forsaken Fortress, where Ganondorf dwells. Although the tear is bigger and the eye smaller, it is still very close in appearance to the Sheikah eye symbol. Why such a symbol would appear there is a mystery, although it may indicate that the pirate ship where it is found was once crewed by Sheikah-descended pirates or that the shields came into the possession of the pirates without being associated with them. Forsaken Fortress is known to have once been a pirate hideout, though not much is known of them.[4] The eye symbol also appeared in the room containing the Master Sword, where it is displayed with only one triangular eyelash instead of the usual three in the stained glass window of Impa above her head.

The hem of Mrs. Marie's robe is lined with Crests of the Sheikah. The Hero's Charm she gives Link is a mask consisting of two conjoined Sheikah Eyes. If she receives 20 or more extra Joy Pendants (for a total of 40 or more), she will express her joy by rewarding Link with the Hero's Charm.

Twilight Princess

The Symbol is displayed on the back of Princess Zelda's black cloak, showing the continued link of the Royal family of Hyrule and the Sheikah tribe. Also, the eye symbol features prominently on the Howling Stones, in the same way as the Gossip Stones from Ocarina of Time. It is also seen on the forehead of Madame Fanadi.

Skyward Sword

The Eye Symbol also appears in Skyward Sword. The symbol can be seen all over Impa, on her clothing, tattoos and face paint. The symbol also appears on Gossip Stones and Sheikah Stones.

BotW Link Shooting Artwork.png
Artwork of Link with the Sheikah Slate

Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, a newer design of the Sheikah's Eye Symbol is introduced, featuring an iris with pupil, and a circular motif surrounding the symbol. The symbol can be seen on the Sheikah Slate, and on the terminals found within Ancient Shrines and Sheikah Towers. When Link activates a terminal with the Sheikah Slate, data is transferred from the terminal to the slate in the form of a falling tear. The faces of all of the Sheikah Monks have a tattoo bearing the old pupil-less Eye Symbol, which is also depicted on veils the cover the faces of many Monks. Paya also bears the symbol on her forehead, as facial markings. The Yiga Clan, being a splinter group of the Sheikah, uses an inverted Eye Symbol as their emblem.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors


  • The Crest of the Sheikah is used as Breath of the Wild Link’s emblem in the game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.



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