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Cree is a character in Breath of the Wild.[5] and Tears of the Kingdom.


Cree is a Rito child who lives in Rito Village. She is the fourth child of Amali and Kass.[3] When Link first visits Rito Village, Cree can be found crying in her home.[6] If he asks what is wrong, she explains that she is upset that Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been causing so much chaos in the Village and that she is unable to help.[7] According to Amali, Cree and her sisters have been getting needier since Vah Medoh appeared.[1] While she sleeps, Cree wishes for her father to return.[8]

After Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been calmed, Link can find Cree's sister, Kheel, at Warbler's Nest. Kheel is angry that none of her sisters have showed up to their planned rehearsal.[9] Their song is supposed to be performed for Kaneli, the elder of Rito Village,[10] and Kheel is worried that they will be laughed off the stage.[11] She asks Link to find her sisters for her, since they would likely listen to a scary Hylian.[12] This initiates the "Recital at Warbler's Nest" Shrine Quest.

During this Quest, Cree can be found in The Slippery Falcon, where she has bought all of the Goat Butter.[13] When Link reminds her of her rehearsal, she admits to forgetting.[14] She gives Link her Goat Butter on the condition he makes Salmon Meunière for Genli in the Kitchen.[15] She will also tell Link that Notts is probably singing somewhere high up and Kotts went to catch Hearty Salmon at the pond near the Village's entrance.[16][17]

Once all the sisters are at Warbler's Nest, Cree will tell Link it is fun to sing together.[18] However, she admits that she does not know the lyrics to the song.[19] After Link uses their song to unearth Voo Lota Shrine, Cree and her sisters will be shocked by its sudden appearance. She calls it a weird-looking house and wonders if it was always there.[20] At Notts' suggestion, the five sisters fly off to tell their mother.[21][22] Cree trips on a rock before taking off with the rest of her sisters.

After they have returned to Rito Village, Cree and her sisters can be found singing together near Akh Va'quot Shrine.[23] Due to Link bringing all the sisters together, Cree notes that they are all happy and singing together again.[24]

Kass joins his daughters upon his return to Rito Village, playing his bandoneon along with their songs. Cree is so happy to sing his songs with him that she does not hear Link when he speaks to her.[2] She also expresses that she does not care what they sing, so long as everyone has fun together.[25] Kass admits that his daughters refuse to leave him alone throughout the whole day.[26] At night, she and her sisters run to go to sleep in their home.[27]

In Tears of the Kingdom, Cree now runs The Slippery Falcon.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
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Latin AmericaSpanishLASogeli
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