"So here's the story... There I was, sipping my stew, when all of a sudden a crazy Yook bagged me!"

The Crazy Yook is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. He is a Yook living on the Isle of Frost. He kidnapped Aroo, the Anouki, prior to Link's arrival at the island. He then brought Aroo to the Temple of Ice and began impersonating him to trick the other members of the Anouki tribe. He took up residence in the Anouki Estates to stay hidden. The Island Chief, however, is suspicious and tells Link to travel to Anouki Estates to find the Yook who is impersonating an Anouki. Link does this, and eventually finds the Crazy Yook. With the Peace Agreement officially broken, the Anouki grant Link access to the Great Ice Field, allowing Link to progress further in his adventure.


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The island chief of the Anouki asks Link to hunt down the Yook who is impersonating an Anouki. Link must then solve a simple logic puzzle to discover which Anouki is actually a Yook. Upon discovery, the Yook is enraged, first threatening to eat Link, and then inhaling deeply and blowing Link out of the cabin in order to give himself time to escape. The island chief then opens the way to the Yooks' side of the island so that Link may go and "get him back".

Later on, after defeating the Guardians of the Great Ice Field, Link must defeat one last Yook before gaining entry to the Temple of Ice. This Yook is colored brown, similar to the Crazy Yook, although it is never confirmed that the two of them are the same. A brown Yook is also fought alongside a white one before obtaining the Grappling Hook.

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