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Crayk is a boss in Phantom Hourglass.[1] It is a creature similar to a hermit crab that serves as the boss of the Temple of Courage.[1]


Crayk Title

Crayk appears

When the battle starts, it turns invisible, but on the top screen, the room is shown from Crayk's viewpoint (presumably because of the second half of the Spirit of Courage it is guarding). When the top screen shows it charging at Link, the young hero must fire off an Arrow, (on the top screen, the player can see Link aiming at themselves) and it will withdraw into its shell. If Link fails to fire an arrow at it, Crayk will grab him, and Link must move the stylus back and forth in order to break free. When in its shell, Link can throw Bombs at it. Link can also use his Sword or Arrows to break the purple orbs surrounding its shell. Slashing it is easier, but more risky. Once every purple orb has been destroyed, Crayk's shell will fall off, leaving its tail vulnerable. The young hero must then fire arrows at Crayk to stun it and then slice its tail.

Throughout the battle, Crayklings roam the battle area.

Once Crayk is defeated, it will turn into Sand of Hours and Link will get a Heart Container and the second half of Ciela.

Non-Canon Appearances[]

Phantom Hourglass Manga[]

After Cyclok has been defeated by Link, Crayk is awakened from deep within the sea to crush the hero and his companions.[2] Crayk captures the girl Link had rescued from Cyclok. It tells the hero to come to Molida Island if he wants her back.[3] When Link does so, he finds Crayk making a nest in the sand that the girl is trapped in.[4][5] Link attacks the monster and is caught in its claws. The girl gives Linebeck a bow, which the captain in turn gives to Link.[6] Link shoots Crayk in one of its eyes with the bow and stabs it with his sword. Crayk disintegrates into the Sand of Hours.[7] The girl Crayk captured turns out to be Ciela's lost memories.[8] The two are reunited, transforming into the Spirit of Courage.[9]


Crayk's name is a possible reference to the crayfish, a crustacean resembling a lobster.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 甲殻巨大種 レヤード (Kōkaku Kyodaishu Reyādo) Gigantic Crustacean Reyard
French Republic FrenchEU Crustère, fléau à pinces Crustère, bane with pincers
Federal Republic of Germany German Rejad, Krustentier des Mutes Rejad, Crustacean of Courage
Italian Republic Italian Crustula, re del coraggio Crustula, king of courage
ERROR: You must enter a country code. Korean 갑각거대종 레어드
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Crustanos From crustacean.
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Crayk, Soberano de la Furia Crayk, Ruler of Rage



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