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Cragma is the fourth Boss in Spirit Tracks.[1] It has the appearance of a large molten rock cyclops. He appears in the game's fourth temple, the Fire Temple.


In the beginning of the fight, Cragma will try to smash Link with his right fist. As he tries to do so, his weak point will become visible, which is shown by a small, glowing part of his lower body. Link must shoot an Arrow from his Bow at the glowing body part, causing Cragma to try and crush the young hero with his two fists. Afterward, a huge molten rock, along with other burning small rocks that drop pick-ups such as Arrows, will fall from the ceiling. Link must then lure Cragma's fist to make contact with the bigger, flaming boulder. Upon being smashed, a circular platform will be created. Alternatively, Link can use a Bomb to create the platform. Link must pick up the platform and place it on a small area of lava on the right side of the room. This allows the young hero to jump on it and then proceed to enter the nearby mine cart.

The mine cart will revolve around Cragma. At this point, Link must shoot an Arrow at Cragma's various glowing body parts. Once he has hit two, the mine cart will climb one level higher. This process must be repeated until Link gets to the third level, which will require Link to shoot Cragma in the eye, causing the monster to fall over and reveal another weak spot: the top of his head. Link, after descending the mine cart, must quickly slash this weak spot with his Sword until Cragma recovers. If Link takes too long to hit Cragma's weak spots while on the mine cart, it will grab the young hero and toss him back to the bottom floor. Link must also successfully hit all of Cragma's available weak points in the current mine cart level in order to climb higher in the rails.

The rest of the fight involves repeating the same procedure: hitting Cragma's lower-body weak spot, making him smash the boulder to create a circular platform, riding the mine cart to eventually hit his eye, then repeatedly slashing the top of his head. Doing this at least three times will eventually defeat Cragma and yield the fourth Force Gem.



Cragma's name is derived from the words "crag," meaning a rift or break in rock, and "magma," referring to his fiery nature. Its European English name, Vulcano, is a reference to the word "volcano," and possibly to "Vulcan," the Roman name for the blacksmith god Hephaestus.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 溶焔巨神 イワントス (Yōen Kyojin Iwantosu) Melting Flame Giant Iwantosu
Canada FrenchCA Lithonyos, colosse de lave Lithonyos, lava colossus
French Republic FrenchEU Lithonyos, Colosse de lave Lithonyos, lava colossus
Federal Republic of Germany German Lavadämon Iwantoss Lava Demon Ivantoss
Italian Republic Italian Rocciantos, signore lavico Rocciantos, lava lord
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Colosus, demonio ígneo Colosus, igneous demon



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