Cragma, Lava Lord (溶焔巨神 イワントス Yōen Kyoshin Iwantosu?, Iwantos, Titan of Molten Flame), also known as Vulcano, is the boss of the Fire Temple from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A hulking creature made of stone, it uses its single eye to spot its enemies. Interestingly, said eye bears a strange resemblance to the eye of Vaati in his Wind Mage form.


At the very beginning of the battle, Cragma's appearance is that of an unremarkable rock found in the middle of the boss room. Suddenly, several crystal pressure points begin to glow, and he rises to attack Link. In order to defeat Cragma, Link will have to wait until he starts pounding, causing rocks to fall from the roof. As Cragma rises, a pressure point will be exposed, vulnerable to an arrow. If struck, Cragma will strike the ground with enough force to dislodge a giant boulder. If Link manages to make him pound the boulder, he will accidentally shape it into a stepping stone (Link may also use a bomb). Link must then throw this rock at one of the pillars in the pool of magma, creating a platform. Link must then jump onto one of the Mine Carts in the area. Once in a Mine Cart, Link must hit the glowing pressure points on Cragma's body with the Bow in order to damage him. The cart will not go up a level until Link shoots every pressure point of the respective level. If Cragma reaches out his hand anytime during Link's ride on the cart tracks, then Link must shoot the pressure point on his palm, or Cragma will strike the mine cart and cause Link to fall off.

Once all the pressure points have been hit, his eye being the last one, Cragma is stunned and falls to the ground, causing the top part of his head to fall off, revealing a large crystal. Once Link is ejected from the mine cart, he must damage Cragma's exposed "brain" with the sword. The cycle may have to be repeated about two more times to defeat him. Once he has sustained enough damage, Cragma is defeated.


Cragma (Spirit Tracks)

Cragma (Spirit Tracks)


The name "Cragma" is a portmanteau of crag and magma. In the European release, Cragma is named Vulcano, a portmanteau of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, and volcano.

Cragma may have also been inspired by the Cherufe, a legendary creature in Chilean mythology. The Cherufe is a creature which, like Cragma, is an evil rock-like humanoid which dwells in lava.


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