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The Craftsman is a character in A Link Between Worlds.[citation needed] It is the name of two characters in Hyrule and Lorule, both who work for their worlds' respective Blacksmith.



The Crafstman serves his master, the Blacksmith, and resides in his home. He enjoys making singsongs about his master's wife, but he has to include his master in it as well, so as to not enrage him. Throughout Link's journey, the Crafstman will tell Link that he never expected the young hero to become a great warrior.[1] He expresses surprise when Link rescues both Gulley and Rosso, but reminds the young hero that he is still his superior in terms of smithing.[2]

When Link finds two pieces of Master Ore, the Craftsman excitedly helps his master temper the Master Sword into the Master Sword Lv2.[3]


The Lorulean Craftsman appears in the Blacksmith's home, much like his Hyrulean counterpart. In contrast to other Loruleans, he does not appear to have a significantly different personality than his counterpart. After the Blacksmith becomes inspired after seeing the Master Sword Lv2, the Craftsman will remark that he has not seen his master excited like that in a long time.[4]


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